In my work, I strive to explore notions of human and animal nature, and attempt to find fleeting moments in which the sentient and non-sentient collide.

My subjects often stand alone, representing an insular part of our being, at once independent and vulnerable, predator and prey. I am fascinated by this interplay of possibilities, and the tension between quiet self-awareness and visceral reaction.

I am interested in a perceived realm of thought that is deeply personal, partially suppressed, and barely graspable, where human understanding falls a long way short of its more animal counterpart - a sense of innate knowing and perception. For me, this appears the base of emotional trauma: a giant root of unrest, which we do not have the capacity to circumvent.

Sadness, passion, violence and volatility all appear here, deep seated and tightly wrapped, but resonating throughout the work. Through the use of animal allegories and the naked figure, I address that which we might find in our deepest moments of introspection, and consider how we treat these most difficult and claustrophobic facets of our being.

I have been thinking about the role of narrative in my work in relation to a staged relational dynamic, which is reminiscent of the history of painting, but also acts to create a sense of place in displacement - there is an ostentatiousness in the act of posing for a painting which is so at odds with psychological insight that I try to locate in my work.

This is something that I wish to develop further, and utilise in exploring the ambiguous connections between positive and negative elements human and animal behaviour, in particular the way in which these express themselves in social interactions.